//Code Black Plus for sale ,buy Code Black Plus online

Code Black Plus for sale ,buy Code Black Plus online


A New Plus Point in your Life


Code Black Plus for sale


If you are looking for good incense that effectively fades into the background, the Code Black Label line offers you a variety to pick from.The Code Black Plus is a completely different incense on its own. It doesn’t just fades into the background, it stays. It gives you tht fresheness each time you make way into an area where it has been burnt. It is very suitable during heavy meditations or in new age shops as well as to cover up pet odors. Code Black Plus is also very suitable for cases of insomnia as it enhances the ability to sleep. Since the scent last longer, it has the ability to relax even the most tired mind as continuous inhaling helps recharge the body. This one reason those who instruct meditation sessions reccommend it in the course of their therapies.

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2g – 48g



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Code Black Plus for sale

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Additional information

Weight & Cost

12p(48g) – $230, 24p(48g) – $250, 48p(96g) – $450


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