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Finding a strong herbal incense for sale on the web can be a difficult task in today’s market, but all of that hassle can be avoided by checking out herbal potpourri reviews on our website beforehand.

K2 Spice for sale used to be an easy thing to come across. Perusing any local head shop would turn up countless incense blends 5 years ago, and even many gas stations were carrying spice incense back then. The laws were much looser and many authorities hadn’t even heard of k2 incense yet. Unfortunately these days of abundant herbal smoke are over, and now most must buy herbal incense online in order to get their product.

Since authorities starting cracking down on certain synthetic cannabinoids within these potpourri blends many of websites opted to sell “zero chem” blends, and while that is a great way to take a precautionary measure to keep your business legal, it is also a worthless product that might as well be thrown straight into the trash. Checking out site first will make sure you don’t throw your hard-earned money down the drain with a shady potpourri incense vendor.

This page will show the top 5 websites currently selling herbal incense on the net and all of the runner-ups will also be listed below.

Without further adieu, here are our top 5 vendors:


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Herbal Incense Blends

Herbal Incense brands and their ingredients have changed drastically over the past few years, and this is mostly due to frequent law changes and websites going in and out of business.

Most herbal potpourri connoisseurs would agree that the best synthetic cannabinoid chemicals were included in the first ban that was placed by the U.S. government back in 2011. Unfortunately, it seems like these were the safest chems as well, and now blends are more and more dangerous. I don’t even use these products anymore, and I would advise extreme dosing caution to anyone still considering use.

Most of the old brands of herbal potpourri like Bizarro Incense, Scooby Snax, Mr Nice Guy, etc. are now counterfeited because the original makers and manufacturers of these brands are long gone, either in jail or the cayman islands spending money somewhere.

eHerbalIncense is here to review all of the current brands being sold on the internet, and even some of the old names still being pawned off as originals.

Here are some of the brands we have reviewed, along with a link to said reviews.

7H Incense

7h incense

Ace of Spades

ace of spades incense

Black Diamond Incense

black diamond incense

Black Mamba

black mamba incense

Cloud Nine Platinum

cloud 9 incense

Diablo Incense

diablo incense


down2earth incense

El Toro

el toro incense


fury herbal incense



Geeked Up

geeked up

King Kong

king kong


hi volt incense


hypno herbal incense




liberty herbal potpourri


luscious potpourri

Mind Trip

mind trip incense

Mr. Happy Incense

mr happy incense

Mr. Shamrocks

mr shamrocks incense

Mr. Sin

mr sin incense

Nuclear Bomb

nuclear bomb spice


ozoned herbal smoke

Platinum XXX

platinum incense

Pure Ruby

pure ruby herbal potpourri

Space Cadet Flight Risk 100x

space cadet flight risk

Space Cadet Space Walk

space cadet space walk


stfu incense


swagoo incense

Third Eye

third eye herbal spice


twilite incense


why so serious aroma


wtf incense Review review

This is an amazing up and coming website that just launched about 6 months ago. The reason that they made i all the way up to the number 2 spot on my top 5 herbal incense company list is the fact that they have some of the best liquid incense I have ever had.

I really didn’t like liquid incense or herbal e-liquid all that much until  I tried some of the blends from this website. Most tasted horrible and while the effects could be very enjoyable, the consistencies of the effects were inconsistent leaving me guessing on the dosage every single time. For anyone who has had too much herbal incense in one sitting, you already know how terrible (or even life-threatening) this can be. changed my mind about liquid herbal incense because they bring a high quality and consistent product to the table. There aren’t many companies that I trust to bring a steady product to the market in this industry, but these guys are certainly setting the industry standard.

The shipping and customer service from this website are also superb, and the only downfall that I can really point out about them is the fact that they don’t sell your traditional herbal potpourri products. They are liquid-incense only, which is why couldn’t become the number 1 site on my top 5 list, but 2nd is still a great honor considering how many herbal incense vendors there are today. Review

Incenser Review

If you read my page on the top 5 best websites to buy herbal incense online, then you probably saw that this was the company that won my overall best potpourri website. While all of the 5 websites on the list were true contenders, Incenser certainly took the cake.

It can definitely be said that this wholesale herbal incense provider and retailer has some potent blends. I would definitely recommend using caution when first trying out these guys, because their herbal potpourri blends tend to be much stronger than most of their competitors’.

Having fire incense in today’s market is a rarity considering how tough they are making it for the manufacturers and websites to stay in business, but that is not the only strongpoint of

Incenser calls themselves the one stop aroma shop, and that is because they have an extensive line of products. Not only are over 30 different spice herbal incense blends, but there are also a lot of liquid incense brands to choose from as well. has a nice design on their website, and it is very easy to make purchases. They also have a very good rewards program laid out to help loyal customers save money.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the prompt shipping and excellent customer service propel Incenser over the top to become my absolute favorite site with k2 spice for sale.

If you haven’t already tried out this website I would highly recommend them.

Black Mamba Incense

black mamba herbal incense

This is another one of the old school strains that is still being manufactured by it’s original producer. While I am sure that the team at Black Mamba Incense had to change up their formula multiple times during the past years, they have still managed to always keep a great incense on the market.

The Black Mamba is one of the deadliest venomous snakes in real life and I am not so sure I like attributing that name to a product like this, but I suppose it was to infer that their herbal potpourri product was strong.

I have enjoyed this blend a few times over the past few months, and while it is amazing, I do have other brands that I prefer over this one.

The quality of this spice is top notch, but it can definitely be way too strong for some. I would recommend starting with an extremely low dose with Black Mamba Incense just to stay on the side of caution.

I have had a time or two where I wished I wouldn’t have partook in Black Mamba, and I would keep that in mind if you end up giving it a try.

Black Diamond Incense

black diamond incense

This is a newer blend of potpourri that has only been on the market for around two years, but it has certainly been well received.

Most of the newer incense websites and manufactures out there trying to make a name for themselves come up with the catchy name, but lack when it comes to overall quality of the herbal incense. This is certainly not the case when it comes to Black Diamond.

The smell of this blend is rich, smooth, dark, exotic, and unique to any other blend that I have tried. The smell of the aromas that it produce is pleasantly intoxicating.

The effects of burning Black Diamond are moderately strong and just right for those days when I have a lot to get done. The effects were very long lasting, and that is probably one of my favorite attributes about this product.

I bought my BlackDiamond from and it was delivered to my door in 3 business days. I was extremely pleased with the shipping time considering that the package came from the other side of the country, and it was free since I spent enough to grab the free shipping option.

If you are looking for a moderately strong, long-lasting, amazing smelling herbal potpourri blend, Black Diamond Incense should definitely be on your wish list.

Ace of Spades Incense

ace of spades incense

Ace of Spades potpourri herbal incense is a new blend of spice that has recently surfaced on the market. A big reason that I gave this brand a go was the fact that it was released from, one of the most trusted names in the incense industry. While some may think that Incenser had some kind of card up their sleeve (had to work this pun here) releasing this product, I can affirm that this is not the case.

With that being said, I ordered this brand expecting a top-notch high-quality product, and boy did it deliver! Not only did the Ace of Spades potpourri smell heavenly, but the aromas it created smelled and tasted that way as well. Burning this blend of herbal potpourri was truly enjoying, and I will definitely be adding into my regimen.

The Ace of Spades incense is a very potent product, and I highly recommend restraint and caution when it comes to dosing the amount that needs to burned. This can definitely be an overwhelming blend if you get out of hand with your dosage.

If you were thinking about trying out Ace of Spades Incense, I would recommend following through with that thought.

7H Incense

7h incense

This is one of a very small handful of “old school incense blends” that are still being made by their original manufacturer.

The nostalgia is real for anyone who has enjoyed this amazing herbal potpourri and it is sure to delight anyone who has yet to experience the true delight of 7H.

There is a reason that this particular brand of k2 spice has stayed relevant for the past 5+ years, and that is because it is a potent and euphorically satisfying product that delights the senses without being overbearing.

The manufactures of 7H herbal incense make sure to keep their products consistent when it comes to potency and quality control. They have a process which ensures proper application of the essential oils and active ingredients added to the herbal mix.

The herb in this mix is very satisfying without being dry or filled with sticks and stems. You certainly get more weight for your money when it comes to contents of your package considering you won’t have to pick out those heavy and worthless stems.

 Many have tried this spice blend, and most that have agree that 7H is a classic. I would definitely suggest it to those that were considering giving it a try. Review

canamos review

This is another site that made the number 3 spot on top 5 best herbal incense vendors list that I compiled, and for good reasons. Making this list is quite difficult considering how many different websites I have tried.

Canamos has been meticulously serving the k2 spice community for the past 5 years plus! This is one of the few sites that has remained up and running through all of the law changes without losing any quality of consistency with their products.

The quality that this website provides is excellent and their shipping time is always quick.

The selection is another positive attribute of this site because they offer lots of different potpourri incense blends and liquid herbal incenses.  Almost all of their products are exclusive and truly exceptional.

The only downside to this website is the fact that they fall out of stock of some of their products quite frequently and while they always have 40+ different products in stock, it can be very annoying if your favorite product is one of the 5 or 10 that is out of stock at the time.

This, along with the fact that the website is slightly slower than and is why it is ranked in the 3rd position.

All in all, is an amazing herbal incense store and I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of giving them a go.

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