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First and foremost, thank-you to all of your dedicated readers. You guys are the reason why we have been able to continue providing the best herbal incense reviews online.

As most of you know, at we like to share who the hottest and most reliable potpourri spice companies each and every month. All of the most popular spice vendors online can be found here with one being our “Company of the Month”.

This month Canamos wins that prize!  We continually explore every single major vendor and product line out on the market and provide weekly and monthly reviews.As most of you have come to realize, buying herbal incense is becoming increasingly difficult by the day and reliable vendors are hard to come by.

This is why we like Canamos so much. This company does not offer a huge variety of potpourri blends like many of the other big name sites. What makes Canamos so unique is that they truly have a special recipe for success. We have made hundreds of purchases from this company and always receive a product that seems to just get better each time. Although their selection is not massive like Incense Express’s inventory, we will assure you that these will be the most pleasant blends you have ever purchased.

Canamos still offers popular blends with Bizarro being its best seller. If you are not looking for that powerful punch of Zencense, their house blend is perfect for a new to casual user. The prices are good and you will receive your products fast!

This is what is takes to become an company of the month. If you want to buy cheap and potent herbal incense, our company of the month Canamos should be able to help you out with that.

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Cheap Herbal Incense

If you discovered this page you have probably been scouring the internet for cheap herbal incense. If you have read my last post you already know how difficult it has become not only to find cheap potpourri incense, but  of the highest quality as well.

In the tabs located above I have summarized all of the premier spice vendors and blends, but I also wanted to share a couple of our favorites that you don’t have to break your wallet on.

Bizarro Incense

Bizarro ZencenseBizarro is a blend created by Zencense that has floated around the potpourri market for over 5 years now. This is one of the premier blends you can buy online. The problem with Bizarro Zencense is that its popularity has driven the price up. Since this product’s reputation has stood strong for such a long time, vendors are able to charge a premium for it.

The good news is that there is a place to buy cheap Bizarro Zencense. The prized Zencense product has been know to cost up to $32 for a 4 gram bag or $80 for a 10 gram bag. That’s over $8 a gram! It is tough being a casual potpourri spice user and spend that kind of money.

Canamos sells this product typically for $47 for a 10 gram bag. It is currently on sale for $37. Take advantage of this while it lasts.

Crazy Monkey Incense

Crazy Monkey IncenseCrazy Monkey Incense has received some attention over the past 12 months as its climbed the ranks in the spice & potpourri world. Many were unfamiliar with this product because it wasn’t popular when herbal potpourri products could be purchased in local stores. Now that Crazy has sparked the attention of users, this price for this product has skyrocketed.

In the middle of 2013 we fell in love with this product and were buying hundreds of grams a month for as cheap as $1.50 a gram. Unfortunately, we do not have that luxury of buying cheap Crazy Monkey any longer.

Most of the vendors who offer cheap herbal incense attempt to sell Crazy $7-9 a gram which is absolutely ridiculous. We figured we wouldn’t be using this product anymore because it wasn’t cost effective.

Canamos has also bailed us out on this one as well. This company sells cheap Crazy Monkey Incense at about $3 a gram.

CanamosWell, Canamos takes the cake this week as it becomes our first company of the month. I suggest you give these guys a shot. Not only do they have cheap herbal incense products, but they also offer free shipping.

If you are looking for quality products at a cheap price shop with our company of the month, Canamos.

Buy Spice Online

It has been a while since my last post and I wanted to provide some information if you make the decision to buy spice online.

Since my last post, the potpourri and herbal botanical market has changed drastically. Over the last 12 months legal movements have been pushing towards regulating herbal incense products. There’s no change in the story as manufacturers continue to produce blends that are up to code.

We are now experiencing a new problem in the potpourri world. Now that spice incense products are found exclusively online, an influx of vendors have followed. Unfortunately, many of these vendors are quick to sell you a product that is either illegitimate or not up to legal standards.

When this happens, you are experiencing one of two scenarios. Many of the time when we buy herbal incense online we look for the cheapest site that has the specific product we are looking for. We are quick to spend our hard earned money on products that we think to be legit.

Potpourri incense vendors are now purchasing packaging from companies like For example, Alibaba sells Bizarro Incense bags for $0.02 a piece. Vendors buy thousands of herbal potpourri bags and then offer spice for sale that really isn’t what it seems. They stuff cheap damiana leaf in these bags and market them as brands like Zencense (Bizarro).

ZencenseThere is another way to tell if you are getting duped by one of these sites that offer spice for sale. There are vendors out there that still offer products such as “K2″ and “Spice” which frankly…do not exist anymore. Once these products became popular around 2009-10 K-2 Spice became synonymous with herbal incense blends. If a vendor attempts to sell you either one of these products, you can write them off immediately.

Buy Spice OnlineWhen looking for information on where to buy spice online be wary of the tricks vendors are using today. Check out our herbal incense reviews to get a better idea on where you should shop for your aromatherapy products.

Free Herbal Incense

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The Best Herbal Incense

Herbal Incense is one of the biggest crazes among younger people these days, but yet not much is known about it.

It took years for the government to catch on that synthetic marijuana was not just a blend of legal herbs that had mild effects on users. In fact, most users of Herbal Incense believed that myth as well.

It was later found out that synthetic cannabanoids were being dissolved into acetone or high grain alcohol, and then being sprayed onto the herb itself.

The solvent would then evaporate leaving only a synthetic drug behind. When smoked this gives users a feeling similar to marijuana.

Since then, they have been scrambling to keep the product off of shelves, but the designers of the drug are always one step ahead of the government by having a new chemical ready to replace one that may be banned.

Long term usage has never been studied with any of the chemicals used in Herbal Incense so it is quite unknown if there could be any negative or positive, for that matter, effect. With this being said using herbal incense is like playing Russian Roulette. You don’t know what can happen.

There has been quite an alarming number of calls called in to poison control centers regarding herbal incense products, but does this mean it should be banned?

Poison Control also shows that cosmetics account for 9% of the total calls. That accounts to around 400,000 calls. Does this mean we should have our women walking around with no makeup on looking like they were casting for the Walking Dead? I think not.

Like it or not Herbal Incense is still here, but who knows how long that will last.